Multitouch Anywhere

A personal companion for any computer, Touch+ is the first to let you control your computer from any surface with true multitouch and natural hand gestures.

Instead of a mouse or trackpad, simply touch what you see.


Interaction becomes as easy as touching what you see. Use your computer like an iPad from any surface.


Stop moving your hands constantly to a mouse or trackpad. Rest them on the keyboard or any surface instead.


Skip complicated steps and menus, perform functions in a flash with simple hand gestures.

Unlike Any Other

With Touch+, you rest your hands on your keyboard or any surface – the first of its kind.

While traditional gesture control is about waving your hands in the air, Touch+ is about comfort instead.

Digital Vision

Using two normal cameras, Touch+ sees your hands like the human eyes do, tracking the 3D positions of your hand and fingertips. It also comes with invisible LEDs to work in the dark.


Feature 1

A black anodized aluminum case and black glass front.

Feature 2

USB 2.0 connection to the computer with a specially designed cord.

Feature 3

Two VGA cameras that you can even use as a webcam.

Feature 4

A uniquely designed thin, magnetic clip that easily attaches to your laptop or a stand.